Belturbet Zero Waste – results are in!

Belturbet EF Survey Results, July 2019

The average Ecological Footprint (EF) of Belturbet residents calculates at 3.03 global Hectares (gHa). This means if everyone in the world lived as the average Belturbet citizen, we would need 1.7 planets.

The 2019 Belturbet EF Result compares well with the national average, this being over 3 planets.

This is the Baseline we will use to chart our progress to our target of 50% waste reduction over the next 5 years.

Beginning in September, the next step on our Belturbet Zero Waste journey will be a series of workshops on achievable low-carbon changes.

Many thanks to all involved in bringing our Zero Waste project to this stage. For full details of the project check out our web page and stay in touch through our Facebook Page.

Belturbet Zero Waste Committee.

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